【吾穀茶糧SIIDCHA】抹茶奶綠-300G補充包 X2包

【吾穀茶糧 SIIDCHA】抹茶奶綠 Maccha Latte 台灣蒸菁抹茶粉搭配紐西蘭醇厚奶粉,散發著圓潤奶香與鮮綠抹茶的滋味。
毛重:620 G













● Product features:

▌Award winning gift set: Recommended New Taiwan creative souvenir

▌New Taiwan Souvenir with local features: Recommended health gift set

▌New craft of Hakka Leicha.  It satiates your hunger with balanced nutrition, less sugar recipe, mellow and refreshing taste.

▌Great gift with delicate package: Wining “iF Product Design Award” in German, Certification of Hakka production and cultural & creative award 

▌With 100% Taiwanese steamed green tea powder, the palate is richly layered and contains more nutrients.

▌Genuine ingredients: no preservatives, no colors, no artificial flavorings, no creamer.It’s good for your health and the palate.

▌3 kinds of treasures oats with special tea scent of steamed green tea powder: strong, mellow and inspiring

▌Best choice for a gift and for one’s own enjoyment: Affordable and valuable


SIIDCHA’s hand painted Tea Tins Canister Series: Combining matcha or cocoa with some selected grains, Genmai and sesame seeds brings you the smooth texture with strong aroma.  It’s pure, healthy, instant and simple. It can satiate your hunger and taste at the same time. 


● Best choice for a gift and for one’s own enjoyment: Affordable and valuable

We have all kinds of products with quality assurance.  The taste of tea powder is richly layered, pure, with simple ingredients and fine powder.  We also provide worldwide shipping. It’s the best choice for a gift, baking, home use, business use.  No matter what reasons you buy, it can always suit your need.


Maccha (Green Tea) Latte


High quality Japanese Maccha powder and mellow milk are used. Enjoy the faint charming Japanese flavor of Maccha Latte.

Mellow milk plus natural selection of Taiwanese steamed green tea powder, pay attention to every detail are extreme.



Directions: 30 grams of grain powder is added to 200 c.c. of water which should be heated up to 95℃. After stirring it evenly, you can enjoy the drink. You can also experience diversified tastes by adding milk and soy milk to the drink.


.容量:300G 補充包





.Name of Product:Maccha (Green Tea) Latte

.Weight:300 grams

.Shelf Life:18 months

.Preservation Methods:Please store the product in a cool and dry place and avoid direct sunlight, heat, and moisture.

.Ingredient:Skim milk powder、Brown sugar、Maltodextrin、Matcha powder、Barley (pearl wheat)、Rice

.Country of Origin:Taiwan












● Other Creative Recipes:

1. Hot :

Whisk 30G matcha powder and 200cc hot water together.

2. Iced matcha:

Whisk 30G matcha powder and 100cc hot water together.  Add iced water and iced cubes. If you like sweet taste, you can add honey and sugar.


3. Smoothie 

Whisk 30G matcha powder into 100cc hot water.  Put it into the blender with some ice cubes. Blend until the mixture is smooth and even.  Add some honey or sugar if you like.


4. Green Tea Latte

Whisk 100cc hot water into the 30G matcha powder and then add milk or warm water with milk.






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